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  • Mary

    I have been dating someone for 6 weeks and I really like them. Sometimes I feel paranoid as they take their time in replying to me, I want to know if they are committed to me but some want to scare them off…. Can anyone advise?

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    Hi there, I know exactly what you mean; it feels so awkward to bring up the dreaded ‘where are we?’ or ‘what’s our status’ I mean, it’s so cringe! I think the best thing I can advise is to just go with it; be your easy breezy true self and organically things will fall into place. Laura always says ‘Less is more’ and she’s right; if you play the aloof game more they are more likely to come to you.

    • Bonnie

      I agree with the above. I would also say ‘Less is more’ when you still live your own life and claim your independence your partner will be more drawn to you and find that more attractive. They will want to ‘fit in’ to your busy schedule – making you the priority, not the option.

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    Its so frustrating – i have been feeling like that recently; I feel like a prize prat when I try to bring something up relating to ‘us’ and then it gets rly awkward and I am left to feel stupid. I mean am I normal but it makes me feel like im not?!!

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    They could also be very busy?  especially if they are slow to respond during the work day, could be lack of reception, or being seen on ones phone might be frowned apon where he works… You could also think about switching to rely on phone calls for you main contact with him, rather than just texts, especially after 6 weeks or so. Hope it goes well!! Good luck

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    From my experience guys when they really like you jump straight in at your messages and won’t play the waiting game with you.


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    Totally agree Jenny – when they like you and theres no one else, they will respond how they are meant to!! Cx

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