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    Don’t know if anyone can relate to this.

    Ex  who was buying house with plus told me i was his soulmate and went for sole custody of his son ‘ghosted’ me and disappeared citing stress. 7 months later after total silence texted to say leave me alone.

    A year on I cry every day and think about him all the time. We aren’t kids but in our 50s. I am a confident independent woman with a great career but have private counselling now to make sense of it. Tonight being Christmas eve  I end up looking online for him for the 1st time and there it is…a photo of him smiling away with a new girlfriend. I am deliriously devastated. Can’t eat or sleep despite no contact for 16 months. Why did I look? I feel physically sick and am doing that silent cry/yell thing because it hurts so much.

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    I can totally relate – I was married for 3 years and my ex went back to his ex before me. I know he was always still holding a flame for her, but i trusted they were done. Clearly not. He totally ruined my world and finally there are so many other people on here that can relate to me. I feel guilty that i have talked things ‘out’ with my family they are bored to death. But i still cant move on, its so hard. I struggle and dont enjoy life even though I know there is a life worth living. But i wish this feeling didnt happen to me – its shit. Theres no other way of putting it.

    Louise, are u doing anything nice over xmas?

    Sarah xx

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