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    Jamie Hernandez

    I’m going through a break up. What’s hard with our situation, is that we still communicate and she wants to stay friends. It was a weird separation, in that we never argued or cheated, it was simply the timing of everything she was dealing with in her life, and she couldn’t cope. During our 2 year relationship we had amazing holidays and incredible times. We both have confessed being the love of each other’s lives. But recently she had to finish a divorce, move house, deal with her two sons, keep her job going well etc…

    With so much stress, worry our relationship suffered and out the blue she ended it via a text message, because she wouldn’t of been able to see me.

    Since then Oct 8th, we have met up for a dog walk, pub lunch and shop. Message a few times a week. Both still love each other and this time of year is extremely difficult. Now she’s got her new home and divorced, I was hoping we could get back together. Went to see two clairvoyants and they both saw us back together. The biggest hurdle is her boys, as a mother she wants to keep a strong relationship with them and understandably they take priority, but they are 17 and 20 next year. They just want these next few years to be the three of them, and they want to see their mum single. I don’t know if keeping contact is the best idea, but I’m holding on to the fact, our love is strong and the future could be incredible.


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