Partner cheated whilst I’m 18 weeks pregnant

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    Really pleased to have found this website after trawling around – not knowing where to turn.

    Two weeks ago – I found private messages from my partner (of nearly two years) and a co-worker regarding the night they spent together. Initially, he denied it. I then contacted her and then tricked him into admitting the truth… which she subsequently confirmed. The woman he slept with – he worked with… she didn’t know I was pregnant and infact has told me that he’d said we’d ended our relationship a few months back. So I do believe she was shocked when I told her the truth.

    Sadly, I do have to consider the baby in this. I feel bad bringing a child into the world when our relationship is clearly struggling. When we found out we were pregnant, despite being shocked – we were delighted and he infact was keen to tell all family and friends. I was more reluctant just because I was oberwhelmed I guess! All family and friends were shocked… now are happy and keep talking about the pregnancy etc… this is proving very difficult for me. I’m beginning to feel the baby move in my tummy now I’m 20weeks which is difficult. As soon as I found out about his cheating I booked into the abortion clinic which is due tomorrow. We’ve still not made a decision on what to do… I just would really appreciate some advice.

    He says he wants to try (with or without the baby) and says he feels guilty… he’s texted his ex girlfriend in the past which I’ve found on his phone (I guess I look for a reason!) but that has subsequently stopped.


    Advice please x

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