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    Hey, can anyone advise me – I’ve gone and done it again; my boyfriend bought me a bday gift and, rather than showing him gratitude I lost it, flew off the handle. He stormed out and is now ignoring me, and I feel like such an ungrateful so and so. I have tried to contact him but he’s ignoring me – what should I do? I’m feeling so anxious I have ruined everything. Thanks, Molly x

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    Try not to beat yourself up we all do it. I know it’s so hard but I find it’s so important to be mindful and try think before we speak. It’s not easy and I often fly off the handle or say things I don’t mean so I’m really trying to stop think breathe and think what I’m going to say before I say it. Gratitude is key and not being spoilt. Have less expectations for presents or what he should be doing then there is no disappointment . I would just give him time and show him how grateful you are for him

    good luck x

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    Love this Susi – I totally relate to this but in reality sometimes i just flip out and then feel sooo guilty for saying something in the first place, I then internalize it and blame myself and feel insecure. Its a viscious cycle. Kx

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    We have all been there before. I for one know what it is like to go from 0-180 in seconds. The best suggestion is rather than flying off the handle, you should practice ways in which to prevent you getting to this stage. Sometimes pausing and taking it all in works better than an immediate reaction.



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