Is she into me or using me?

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    I am good at picking up dry or standard sarcasm. I can’t read it because it’s constant, her occusional smile helps or I’m miss reading her. This morning she asked for ride to  work,  I even picked her up latte . I saidneither you want company or you just want a ride because your worried students were going to key her car (She mentioned it earlier). A minute or two later she said I’m only giving her ride for fear students and avoid paying parking, she smiled. She’s alot like April from Parks and ReC. Ps she wasn’t in best mood this morning. She gets dropped off and i drive off. I text her later PS your welcome for latte and break those kids wills.( I was just kidding). She said thank you or whatever, I explained it was joke and your sense of humor will come back to life this afternoon. She responded I’m turning off phone now. What does that show? What should I do. I haven’t responded since her last text about turning off phone.

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