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    I am broken. The love of my life told me he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. I am at a total loss and not sure what to do. Can anyone give me some tips how I can heal or get them back?

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    Hey Katherine,

    I can totally relate – I was abandoned one evening by my ex husband. I was left feeling numb and totally worthless; It took a few days for me to actually digest the reality – I remember a small thing like him filling up the petrol was now left for me to do. That sounds weird but i depended on him so much. I broke down at the local petrol station; not the car but me! A lovely lady ended up consoling me.

    My point is do not feel alone or blame yourself. It is totally them. I think if you can try to focus on urself and you are entitled to the crap days. They will happen. You will want to cry your eyes out – there are some great groups on fb – such as the conflicts of life, who got me through a v dark time.

    Spend £100 on yourself- retail is therapy.

    Here if you need- Kim x

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    hi I’m so sorry you are so down I totally feel for you as I have been there myself

    trust me – time is a huge healer !!!!! You may feel terrible now but obviously this was not meant to be and eventually you will come to realise that

    having your family and friends around is a great distraction and don’t watch romantic movies or listen to love songs !!!

    in a couple of months u will hopefully look back and realise this period in your life was all for the best and had to happen as then you wouldn’t have met the real love of your life !

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    My demented ex-husband left me after a few years of marriage and I honestly didn’t know he had it in him. I’ve been struggling ever since and while I try to move on, I hit roadblock after roadblock, often breaking down at work and running to the bathroom to weep in private. Will I ever get over this? I certainly hope so. When then? It has been nearly eight months and I don’t think I’m through the woods.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your horrific ordeal. You poor thing. Its messed up to say this but, I feel a slight comfort knowing someone out there can relate to this absolute tsunami I am going through. I feels never ending – sometimes I  feel like there is no road to turn and ask why me? whats wrong with me?

    How have you managed over the past 8 months, honestly?

    B x

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    I barely know. I’ve tried to stay as busy as I can manage and take comfort in the company of friends and family but it has been an absolute nightmare. I instituted a strict no contact rule that helps because in part it allows my ex to just fade away. But I still miss him like no one’s business. I can’t really win here but somehow I’m still going.


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