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    Hi, im totally heartbroken, to the point that I don’t feel like I can get through another day, I cant sleep, eat and I just cry.

    My ex dumped me two weeks ago, this was the 8th time over two years. He always says the same thing and it always destroys me and then he always comes back to me with promises of love and happiness, and like a fool I take him back. My friends and family despair and its actually led to some of them no longer speaking to me. But the thing is I really love him. Like really, truly love him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

    He has SO many bad points its untrue, he has said SO many hurtful and destructive things again and again. So why oh why am I feeling so much grief and despair. Ive text him, and left his voice messages and at first he replied and now he ignores me. I know its for the best but I get so anxious my body physically hurts.

    People tell me to move on, and im better without him and it will get easier. But none of that helps. I am not strong and independent, I am in pain and all I want to do is see him again and for him to love me again. If he gets with someone else I think it would kill me.

    Cam anyone relate? Can anyone help?



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