Ex came back into my life after 7 years and I dont know how to deal.

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    <p dir=”ltr”>I was diagnosed with clinical depression 7 years ago after my ex girlfriend broke up with me. I never really gotten any help or talked to anyone about how I felt past my first diagnosis. I just learned to live with and float through life like this. She was a family friend and I new her on and off for over 20 years. We got together for the first time the summer of 2011 and things got serious fast. We told each other we loved each other, had sexual relations and so on. She was and still is my only serious girlfriend. It seemed to be a match made in heaven. We were only together for about 6 months. The break up seemed to happen fast as well. It happened during my last semester of my senior year of college, it wasn’t a very pretty break up. She blocked me from all social media and I stopped texting her after a few months of trying to fix things and few harsh words from her. I never got over her or the relationship, she seemed to move on quiet quickly. She’s had two boyfriends since that I know of. She is single now. I stopped keeping tabs after a year or so, to try and help myself heal. Two months ago, without hearing from her for 7 years she messages me out of the blue on Facebook messenger. She asked how I was doing and said she found a ornament with our picture on it that I gave her for the only Christmas we were together and it made her think of me and how things ended. She apologized for how things ended. I ended up giving her my number in case she wanted to ever talk or text. The next day she text and apologized again, saying that she was sorry for how things ended. She told me about her past year and how bad it had been for her. Her oldest brother passed away this past year and she has had a hard time dealing with it. She has always been a person with hi anxiety and has always had trouble with depression. The year we broke up her grandpa had passed and she has been in a bad place since. She coped with both passings and all her anxiety and depression with alcohol. She told me that after this year of being in a fog she finally woke up and started to realise a lot of things. Thats why she decided to message me. She said that I was an important part of her life and that she felt like she really messed up. I forgave her for how things ended and I took responsibility on my end. She told me she started getting help with her depression and drinking issues. We’ve been texting on and off again for the past two months. Sometimes with regularity other times with weeks without an exchange. I have told her that I still had feelings for her. Pretty much immediately old feelings came back to me for her. I just don’t know how to go about this. I asked her to meet for coffee last week and she agreed bu we were never able to nail down a time to meet. I’m so confused, sometimes it feels like things are groving well between us and other times I can feel a distance like she is pulling away. It’s just made me feel up and down. I don’t know if she’s keeping in contact because she is feeling bad after all these years for how she ended things or if she really does feel something for me. I don’t know why she goes ghost on me for weeks, she ways she was having a bad time with her depression during those weeks and just shut¬† everyone out. I don’t know if she is just playing games with me. I’d like to think she isn’t, because I always found her to be a genuine person. I just don’t know. I need help. Dealing with my emotions. I don’t know if i should be feeling this way about her. I’m just full of anxiety and doubt. Especially when she goes a few days without texting me back. I just don’t know how to deal with it.</p>

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